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SmartWeather for SmartWatch

2 usd

Weather extension for SmartWatch (1 and 2), SmartBand™ Talk SWR30, Smart Wireless Headset Pro by Sony.This extension displays the current weather and 5 day forecast.
Key features:- Displays current weather and weather forecast for 5 days,- Automatic location,- Selection of units,- Two sources of weather data,- Two icon sets,- Four SmartWatch 2 widget,- Support SmartWatch (MN2), SmartWatch 2 (SW2), SmartBand™ Talk SWR30 and Smart Wireless Headset pro (MW1).
If your phone is turned off access to determining the location, then go to the plugin settings and select your city (and country, if necessary). Change any other settings as desired.
How to use:Left/Right swipe - next/previous day.Long press on screen - update forecast.
(!)Smart Connect bug: If you do not see this app in the list of apps inside SmartWatch 2, go to Settings->Apps and 'Clear data' of 'Smart Connect' and 'SmartWatch 2' apps.
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